DyTerra is the exclusive Western Canadian distributor for Simonsen granular spin spreaders and tenders. These heavy-duty units are built to deliver years of trouble-free performance and boast a wide range of convenient options. If you’re looking for a simple, reliable and rugged granular spreader or tender, look no further than Simonsen.



  • Available in 6 or 8 ton models
  • Walking-tandem suspension for better weight distribution
  • Stainless steel in critical corrosion areas
  • Heavy gauge 7” wide apron chain
  • Distributor fan powered by a gearbox
  • Stainless steel input and output shafts in fan gearbox
  • Simple chain-and-sprocket ground wheel drive system
  • Accurate application rate up to 640 lb./acre 
  • 50' spread pattern


  • D.O.T. light package
  • Hydraulic actuation of ground drive
  • Roll tarp