As a full-service partner offering everything from small parts to full-scale facilities, we can provide the solution you need, stock the parts, and service your products and equipment for many years to come. With a strong team backed by several years of industry experience, we have what it takes to find the right solution, we’re committed to safety, and we ensure we’re always current on industry regulations. View our brochure.


We are fully certified by Transport Canada for the inspection of highway tanks and portable tanks in accordance with CSA standard B620. Our technicians perform inspections at our shop and at your site:

  • Nurse Tanks - Annual, 3-year and 5-year Inspections

  • Delivery Units (NH3 & LPG) - Annual and 5-year Inspections

Our robust digital field reporting system ensures we receive your reports in real-time from the field and can provide them to you without delay.

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Our technicians visit your site to perform 10-year inspections on storage tanks as well as any necessary repairs:

  • Full internal Tank Inspection with Non-Destructive Examinations (NDE) completed

  • Parts inspected & repaired or replaced as required

Our robust digital field reporting system ensures we receive your reports in real-time from the field and can provide them to you without delay.




We provide certified ASME R-Stamp repairs and/or alterations of pressure vessels. Upon inspection, if a defect or crack is located, we work with the provincial inspection agency to repair your vessel. This includes creating a Quality Control package, completing the repair with a licensed pressure welder and receiving final sign-off from a provincial inspector certifying that the repair is complete.

We also perform repairs, installations and modifications of pressure piping (ASME B31.3), valves, fittings and meters.





  • Pump rebuilds, replacements and repairs

  • Plumbing upgrades

  • Custom pump skids

  • Measurement Canada approved meter checks

  • General repairs and upgrades




We engineer and perform full-scale remounts, modifications and rebuilds of tanks and delivery units. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and help provide the right solution. Our in-house engineer will then run calculations to ensure everything meets the required specifications.

Our experienced team of technicians will perform the work in accordance with B620-14 regulations.

If required, a Quality Control package is prepared and emailed directly to the customer.




At your site or in our shop, we service, install and repair NH3, Granular, Liquid and Propane equipment. From simple 15-minute fixes to multi-day repairs, we do everything from valve and pump rebuilds to belt changes, meter checks and complex troubleshooting.

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