DyTerra MicroCote - ProCote® Application Systems

DyTerra offers a wide range of liquid coating systems for granular fertilizer. From dust suppression to nitrogen stabilizers to micro-nutrients.

Blenders, automation, limited space, etc… every fertilizer site is different. Retrofitting a site with liquid coating systems often requires specialized equipment and a unique expertise -  DyTerra has the experience and the solutions you’re looking for.


MicroCote Cone Bottom

Thinner less viscus products like dust control oils and nitrogen stabilizers can often be metered. This system is equipped with a 150 litre cone tank and a meter.


Microcote tote outloader

Thicker more viscus products like oil based micro-nutrients typically require declining weight scale systems to properly measure and control flow. This system comes with a large scale platform to facilitate IBC totes.


our microcote Application Systems offer the following features & options:


  • Batch delivery control
  • Automation interface
  • Flowrate control
  • Metered or declining weight measurement
  • Pre-wiring and calibration
  • Heavy-duty welded tube-frame construction


  • Custom application spray bars
  • Heating blanket
  • Pneumatic ProCote stirring kit for totes
  • Printer interface on some models
  • Custom buildings & spill containment
  • Installation