1. Dawson Creek, BC - Grain terminal renovation

2. Daysland, AB - 250 MT volumetric system

3. Gladstone, MB - Granular turn-key projects

4. Gladstone, MB - Custom engineered bucket support structures and overhead bin structuring

5. Morden, MB - 200 ton volumetric in-line system

6. St. Joseph, MB - Custom install & design

7. Quill Lake, SK - Tower blend systems

8. Viking, AB - Declining weight system

9. Gladstone, MB - Turnkey projects

10. Weyburn, SK - Two 16-ton overhead vertical blend system

11. Denzil, SK - Complete underbin auger system installation 

12. Custom manufacturing of 16 MicroCote Skids  


1. Turn Key ready to drop in NH3 pump skid

2. Twinning of two 30,000 gal NH3 storage tanks

3. Relocating a 30,000gal NH3 storage tank

4. NH3 storage tank plumbing

5. 8100 Delivery Unit, concept to completion

6. Twin Delivery Unit remount with new meter and 3" high flow plumbing

7.  Landing a 45,000 Gal storage tank

8. Perfoming a 10-year inspection


1. Welding in place high density poly pipe in load and out load plumbing

2. 3000 Tonne Liquid Fertilizer site from concept to completion

3. Retrofit 3" & 4" steel pipe in load and out load plumbing

4. Retrofit 3" in load plumbing skid and distribution manifold with re-circulation line

5. In load pump skid and plumbing

6. Out load pump skid with 3" mass flow meter and electrically actuated valves

7. 6-bin Liquid Facility from concept to completion

8. Demolition and build of 18-bin Liquid Facility (concept to completion)


1. Remount onto a new chassis and paint

2. Remount onto a new chassis and paint

3. M5 Inspection and re-paint from yellow to pink

4. Complete remount onto a new chassis

5. Complete remount onto a new chassis

6. Remount 6000 gal LPG tank on to a new truck

7. Propane bottle dispenser with auto-fill