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The DyTerra Liquid Coating System comes standard with a 150 litre cone bottom tank and is compatible with Agrotain, water based micronutrients, and many other various agricultural products. The ¾” stainless steel turbine flow meter displays flow and is capable of providing feedback to a control system with the optional pulse access module. The pump is coupled to a 1HP motor and delivers product up to 34 lpm to the customer supplied application nozzle. The unit comes plumbed with the required operating valves as well as a manually adjustable throttling and pressure regulating valve. 


  • Pulse access module available for automation feedback
  • Scale option available
  • Optional 3-valve output manifold for sending product to separate locations

DyTerra MicroCote - ProCote® Application Systems


MicroCote Cone Bottom

This cost effective package is available as a simple pumping system or can be equipped with an accurate declining weight scale system to measure your ProCote™ deliveries. 


Microcote tote outloader

Our most popular package that offers the ability to deliver ProCote® right from the customer supplied tote. When the tote is empty, simply swap it out with a new one. Simple on/off motor control or automated batching, adjustable flow rate control and plenty of pumping power puts you in control of your application process.

our Procote™ Application Systems offer the following features & options:


  • Tested reliable components
  • Pump only or declining weight scale system
  • Manual ON/OFF or automated batching
  • Product recirculation plumbing on cone tank systems
  • Can be configured to store away in off-season
  • Flow rate range 7 – 20 LPM
  • Heavy-duty welded tube-frame construction
  • Comes calibrated, ready to pump


  • Blender Spray Bar
  • Heating blanket for tote systems        
  • ProCote™ stirring kit for tote systems
  • Available printer interface on some models    
  • Weather-proof cabinet for Indicator